Free Fall-Risk Screenings

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers is offering FREE fall-risk screenings! To help you “Fight the Fall,” we’re raising awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries. At your personal fall-risk screening, our team will assess your risk of falling. Additionally, we’ll diagnose the cause of any balance challenges you might be experiencing.

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What Are Your Chances of Falling?

They might be higher than you think. Unfortunately, whether from dizziness or poor balance, falls increase with age and can cause serious injuries. In fact, they can be life threatening.

However, falls are preventable, and there are steps you can take to improve your balance and decrease your chances of falling. Start with a complimentary fall risk screenings at FYZICAL.

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Falling

FYZICAL’s treatment and recovery protocols include utilizing cutting-edge equipment, which isn’t available at any other outpatient physical therapy or treatment center in the area.

Specifically, FYZICAL incorporates a Safety Overhead Support system utilizing a harness suspended from ceiling-mounted rails. This means it is impossible for you to fall and hit the ground, allowing you to exercise safely without the fear of falling!

The Facts About Falling

Did you know your fall risk increases with age? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Adults over age 65 suffer a serious fall

Every 11 seconds

An older adult is treated in the ER for a fall


Of hip fractures are caused by falls


Of nursing home admissions are due to falls

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FYZICAL and Meals on Wheels are working together to make life better for individuals in our community. Meals on Wheels is helping us bring awareness about fall prevention to their clients, and our FYZICAL therapists are giving back with a day of service – helping all seniors “live nourished lives with independence and dignity.” We’re proud to partner with this great organization!

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